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    Cray Valley S.A.)
    Usine de Carling Saint-Avold
    BP90290 / RN 33
    57508 Saint-Avold CedexFrance

    Tel: +33.387.91.74.22 ext. 5


    Cray Valley
    569 24 1/4 Road
    Grand Junction, CO 81505 – USA

    Tel: 800-344-3462


    Cray Valley HSC Asia Limited
    Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Room 2909-10,
    Goldlion Digital Network Center
    No. 138, Ti Yu Dong RoadTianhe District, Guangzhou 510620 China

    Tel: +877.871.2729

News Article

  • Jun 20, 2023

PARIS, France, June 20, 2023

作为橡胶工业生产液态聚丁二烯和碳氢化合物特种化学品的领导者, 365娱乐官网官方网站宣布其首次商业化认证的可再生树脂轮胎行业使用ISCC PLUS质量平衡方法, which are manufactured at its Carling Saint-Avold platform in France.

Known under commercial brands such as Ricon®, Krasol® and Cleartack®在美国,365娱乐官网官方网站树脂被确立为轮胎应用的性能增强添加剂. 这些产品中的一些主要用于轮胎胎面应用,因为它们改善了牵引力和滚动阻力平衡,并且在冬季或潮湿条件下具有优异的性能.

加速循环经济,并从与totalenergy的Carling Saint-Avold平台的整合中受益, 365娱乐官网官方网站商业化广泛的产品范围使用认证的可再生原料. 可持续原料来源于生物基或高级循环原料的加工. 这些进入者允许365娱乐官网官方网站生产相同性能的树脂,同时显著减少对环境的影响.

Thanks to the ISCC PLUS mass balance concept, Cray Valley能够在大型工业规模上提供可持续的解决方案,作为一种无需轮胎制造商重新认证的解决方案.

Stephanie Bouzet, Vice-President Cray Valley, “这第一次商业化是可持续发展的一个关键里程碑,反映了365娱乐官网官方网站加速发展的承诺, together with our tire and automotive customers, the transition towards more environmentally responsible products.”

Access to sustainable feedstocks on a global scale is key. 365娱乐官网官方网站正在将ISCC PLUS认证扩展到其所有生产基地,同时结合R&开发最大限度地整合生物基原料和经过认证的可再生原料.

“作为一家全面整合的供应商,365娱乐官网官方网站正在加速为客户提供解决方案. By combining ISCC PLUS certifications, bio-based solutions, and more sustainable process developments, 365娱乐官网官方网站在产品的可持续性和性能方面扩大了365娱乐官网官方网站的全球供应. 365娱乐官网官方网站预计,轮胎行业将越来越多地整合可再生资源, and we have the capability and commitment to accompany them,” concluded Gabriela Quevedo Silvetti, Global Marketing & Sustainability Manager.


About Cray Valley

道达尔能源365娱乐官网官方网站分公司是一家专业化学添加剂的全球供应商, hydrocarbon specialty chemicals, and liquid or solid tackifying resins used to make adhesives, rubbers, polymers, coatings and other materials. As a pioneer in the development of these advanced technologies, 365娱乐官网官方网站已经向市场推出了数百种性能增强产品,用于一系列行业的苛刻应用(能源, printing, packaging, construction, tires, electronics, etc.). Cray Valley’s European headquarters, at the Carling Saint-Avold platform, is home to its customer service, a research and development center, and production units.
For more information, visit kyoto-terakoya.com.

About TotalEnergies

道达尔能源是一家全球性的多能源公司,生产和销售能源:石油和生物燃料, natural gas and green gases, renewables and electricity. Our more than 100,000 employees are committed to energy that is ever more affordable, cleaner, more reliable and accessible to as many people as possible. Active in more than 130 countries, 道达尔能源将可持续发展的各个方面作为其项目和运营的核心,为人们的福祉做出贡献.


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