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Market Breakdown

Cray Valley is a leading manufacturer of low-molecular-weight butadiene homopolymers and copolymers, pure monomer tackifying resins and specialty bio-based monomer resins.

Marketed under the brand names Ricon®, Krasol®, and Cleartack® our resins are known for consistency and quality our customers trust.

365娱乐官网官方网站支持橡胶,粘合剂,涂料,电子,聚合物和更多的市场. 365娱乐官网官方网站的技术使365娱乐官网官方网站能够开发出为市场带来所需性能的产品, including rheology control, dynamic modulus, crosslinking, adhesion, sealing, and dispersion, or provide backbone structures for polymer synthesis or use as reactive intermediates.

持续改进和技术创新使365娱乐官网官方网站能够利用新产品开发和卓越制造. These synergies provide increased value to our customers and the markets they serve.

Markets and Products

Rubber Adhesives

Cray Valley has developed a portfolio of products for the tire industry. Ricon®液态聚丁二烯树脂是轮胎胎面化合物的性能增强添加剂,需要针对不同细分市场的特定配方-冬季, summer, all-season, racing, and specialty. 365娱乐官网官方网站的Ricon树脂包括硅烷化树脂修改这些化合物的粘弹性性能,以优化牵引力的平衡, fuel economy, and durability.

Cray Valley is a trusted provider of Ricon® and Krasol® functional resins, which manage adhesion and dynamic properties for belt, hose, seal, wire and cable, and other industrial rubber applications. Our specialty additives deliver high modulus, hardness, 耐磨损,使皮带在数百万转中仍能保持原有的性能. 它们增强了坚固,轻便的软管,具有优异的耐热性,耐腐蚀性和耐化学性. They impart rubber adhesion to metals and reinforcing textiles.


Adhesion Promoters


365娱乐官网官方网站著名的clearack纯单体树脂在SBC粘合剂配方中提供苯乙烯端块增强, while imparting low color and strong tack to hot melt adhesives.

Ricon and Krasol can improve adhesion with polymer substrates such as polyolefins.

In addition to that, 365娱乐官网官方网站的专业Ricon MA产品系列(基于马来酸酐改性液体聚丁二烯)可以改善与各种金属基材和纺织品(如钢铁)的附着力, aluminum, copper, polyamide, and nylon textile. These technical advantages are employed in automotive structural adhesives, sealants, rubber adhesion, belts and hoses.

We also offer C4 resins with a variety of functionality, including hydroxyl-terminated, and maleinized polymers. These resins offer great formulating latitude in reactive adhesives.


365娱乐官网官方网站的Krasol端羟基聚丁二烯树脂在灌封和包封配方中具有独特的性能. Cured as urethanes, these resins impart good thermal resistance, excellent hydrolytic stability, and low moisture permeation. Krasol配方在广泛的温度范围内表现出一致的延伸率和嵌入应力. 高透明度使这些等级适用于光学应用,如触摸屏和数字显示器.

Ricon树脂可用于覆铜层压板(CCL)应用,以改善电性能. When used in methacrylated PPE formulations, Ricon copolymers can replace some or all of the TAIC hardener. Ricon树脂将提高韧性,同时改善配方的介电性能. recon共聚物具有骨架化学和可加工粘度的适当平衡,以满足该工业日益增长的需求.


Adhesives for Solar Panels and Windmills

Cray Valley的氢化和非氢化树脂(如Krasol)可用于太阳能电池板背板,以提高防水性能,保护太阳能电池免受潮湿和降解, extending thus extending the global shelf life and efficiency of solar panels.

Ricon和Ricon MA可以用作风车叶片的添加剂,以改善叶片结构的玻璃或碳纤维增强,并在不同类型的基质(如环氧树脂和乙烯基酯)中有效反应. Our products will improve the toughness and flexibility of the windmill blades.


Thermoplastic Elastomers

365娱乐官网官方网站产品为热塑性弹性体(TPE)的应用提供了重要的优势. Ricon, Krasol, and Cleartack resins enhance the processability, mechanical, and adhesion properties for TPE and vulcanizates used in emerging automotive, fluid handling, construction, consumer goods, and wire and cable industries.

Our C4 resins find utility in applications where high filler loading is required. The resins impart the low-temperature flexibility, moisture resistance, and acid/base resistance critical to these formulations.

Ricon, Krasol, 和clearack是特殊应用中的活性增塑剂,例如配方师可以调节硬度的印版, chemical resistance, and resiliency. Our resins also act as oxygen scavengers in packaging applications, protecting food, juices, and medications from degradation.